Roller Banners

Our roller banners are available with two options – the economical standard or the sleek and more robust premium.

Printed on an environmentally friendly 220mic PVC, they come with graphic pre-fitted to the stand and a carry case as standard. Roller Banners are great for Point of Sale promotions and Pop-up events, capturing attention without breaking the bank. We also offer a double sided banner in 800 x 2000mm format.

Standard Banners

The most affordable banner. A great option for banners that will be used a handful of times. These stands are made from brushed aluminium and comes utilised swing out feet.

Sizes available: 800x2000mm, 850x2000mm & 1000x2000mm.

Premium Banners These are more robust and designed to stand the test of time. They also have a sleeker design standing upright by themselves without the need for swing out feet.

Sizes available: 800x2000mm & 1000x2000mm.
All Roller Banners are printed Four colour process (CMYK) on a digital on a wide format press. Our brushed aluminium Standard banner stands have swing out feet and are supplied with a pre-fitted graphic and carry case. Our Premium brushed aluminium banner stands do not have swing out feet; so they have a smaller footprint for when space is at a premium. They are also taller than our Standard range and also come with a carry case.

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